Posted by: henriquesampaio | December 27, 2011

What an incredible potential!!

Brazil has just overtaken UK as the world’s sixth largest economy, but what is the real potential of this South American giant?

Brazil’s population of about 200 million is more than three times that of Britain, and in my point of view, its economy growth would be just a matter of time and political orientation.

Part of the big economic change, where not only are we seeing a shift from the west to the east, but we’re also seeing that countries that produce vital commodities — food and energy and things like that — are doing very well and they’re gradually climbing up the economic league table, such as Brazil.

But, is the commodities produce the only Brazilians secret?

Sustainable growth is a topic of great interest among companies, as shown by an important report prepared by Booz & Company, a Global consulting firm serving major corporations, public institutions and organizations worldwide.

The Report offers a detailed presentation on the Personal Care. Perfume and Cosmetics sector, highlighting that this industry has been actively propelling Brazil´s economic growth over the past decade.

The HSM Management website recently reported that talks about sustainability in corporate environment are often met by comment that companies do not have money for sustainability, that “this is a cost we cannot bear now”, “that takes a lot of people”, or still “there is no money in sustainability”.

The report presents an in-depth study on the companies, service, trends, behaviors and investments in this industry and was written by specialists from Booz & Co, in partnership with ABIHPEC, the Brazilian Association for Personal Care, Perfume and Cosmetics Industries. The document also highlights existing positive market conditions, such as the rise in per capita income, population growth, increase in life expectancy and the growing participation of women in the labor market, which has been rising at much higher rates than the evolution of the country´s GDP for the same period, thus turning Brazil into the Third largest global market for products in this industry.

Figures show that some essential products, such as shampoo, soap and toothpaste, have registered a significant growth in their penetration rates among classes D and E. According to experts, the industry has a brilliant future ahead of itself. And its prospects keep getting better, as the rising income of the general population and the migration of classes D/E to class C are expected to lead to continuous growth.


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