Posted by: henriquesampaio | February 19, 2011

What’s the meaning of feedback?

“Managers do things right while leaders do the right thing”. (Warren Bennis)

Business administration teachers often say management processes are comprised of five functions: Planning, organizing, leading, coordinating and controlling. But they also acknowledge the need to add to these the Idea – and the development – of a managerial vision. That is why exercising a multidisciplinary and innovative management perspective is so important: It goes beyond the usual approaches to feedback and addresses the company’s overall processes.

But what is feedback after all? This question takes us back to World War II: |In order to intercept Nazi missiles, the allies worked out a way to determine the future route of a missile by studying the path it had already covered. Based on a combination of information from radar, transmission, equipment and base signs for the control of coordinates, its future route could be projected. Such an information transmission process was called “feedback”|. Interesting information, shared by the “connections” series presented by historian James Burke and initially broadcast by the Discovery Channel.

In the Business world there are no rules for creativity or for doing the right thing. Creative people face a tough task in trying to transform themselves into brilliant thinkers, which means improving their capacity to interpret data, reports and past information, and covert them into abilities that may allow them to anticipate the future by interpreting what is happening now.

It’s the ability to go beyond simply doing things right. It’s doing the right thing.


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