Posted by: henriquesampaio | September 30, 2010

Business Planning

The reasons that lead people to create their own business are many. However, today, the most prominent is the high unemployment rate, leading people to a single alternative: The self-employment. So the output is set up your own business.
But what to do to accomplish this project? How can we know if the business is viable or not? Where to start? What are the risks? These are some of the questions that most people do to themselves when deciding to build your own business.

Planning, is the key!!!
Building any kind of business is a risk, some more, some less. Planning is the best way to minimize the risk of deploying. Planning a business is a branch of study in which it intends to act, in which formalizes the idea, it raises the market opportunities, sizing up the investment and estimate the risks. These are the minimum information needed to assess the viability of any business. It is therefore a detailed roadmap, which can detect potential problems and contingencies that may arise after the implementation of the company.
Today it is inconceivable not to plan, because the competition is quite fierce.

Under this scenario, improvisation, adventure, the speculations are left behind, there is no room for amateurism.

The market is highly competitive with consumers becoming more demanding and better informed because of the variety of products and services offered on the market. So, be always alert. Expire one that holds more information!

Being successful in business is not an easy task, it requires sacrifices, including personal. Moreover, it is necessary above all to love the branch on which it will act. You must have the technical knowledge of the business, and still be steadfast, optimistic, creative, not afraid to take risks, be confident, have a great vision and willingness to work.



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