Posted by: henriquesampaio | August 11, 2010

Education on social media and Twitter

Notoriously there is a lot of resistance from teachers to the use of social media as a form of education, but we see a tremendous source of opportunities to turn something that many consider problems in real innovations. I can tell, for example, using Skype to boost the learning of foreign languages, connecting students directly with colleagues from other countries, or even to hold meetings of working groups and with teachers but also for debates up discussion groups.
Mobile phones, great torment for teachers in the classroom could be better utilized, for example, to send SMS with questions for teachers and colleagues, to access the blogs of the theme that you are studying, to participate with comments worth grade, stimulating interaction, to take pictures of framework to study later, to make and share notes, or make the cell phone as important as a pencil or a pen. Twitter, for example, instead of being forbidden in schools and colleges should be encouraged and shown its educational side.
Me, for example, use Twitter as my source of research, following people and vehicles of reference in my area and keep me updated every second with relevant news and information, besides being a venue for discussing academic affairs, replacing the old forums. These are only some examples of how we can make use of everyday digital way of students as educational.
The Com8s (meaning colleagues) is the name of a collaborative partner network, developed by Brazilians for teachers and students. In this environment, teachers and students can share documents, create study groups, video conferencing, creates calendars of events and participate in discussions on topics of common interest, in real time. All with free access (free of charges). Among the benefits of the tool, are the incentives for content generation, sharing ideas and interests, mutual collaboration, enrichment of communication, the optimization of time and ease the learning process.


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