Posted by: henriquesampaio | April 24, 2010

Major challenges that companies are facing in a world with no boundaries.

Clearly companies continuously confront various challenges on a daily basis, especially in today’s global market where they are continuously dealing with different cultures and demands. These challenges come both internally, from within the organization, as well as externally and can be made up of administrative, technological, macro and microeconomic, social, political, cultural, as well as numerous other factors. I believe the greatest challenge facing companies today comes from the fact that these various challenges are not static, and need to be continuously managed while they are in constant state of change.

Today, change has become a daily part of an organization’s life. At every moment it challenges the very soul of companies, forcing them to adapt to new conditions be them day to day issues as simple as changing a flat tire to elaborate and complex issues such as how to confront a worldwide economic crisis. Companies also live in constant change due to the fact that humans’ preferences and even their very necessities are ever changing.

In order to quickly manage change, companies must anticipate potential issues with internal processes, suppliers, clients, and employees. Being prepared for change, and having the ability to change seamlessly, and faster than competitors, is what will differentiate the winning companies from the rest, and also help create sustainable growth.

In other words, today’s global market is dynamic with constant change, and the great challenge is for companies to anticipate these changes and prepare for the world’s new realities.

In order to be prepared and be able to quickly react to change, companies need to have a firm strategy and know where they want to go. By being focused on optimization of processes, systems, and people, and knowing their markets well, companies can be ready for the varying number of changes necessary everyday.


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