Posted by: henriquesampaio | March 2, 2010


Everyone has always heard about MBAs and the positive values that it can give a resume, but many people still don’t know what those three letters mean, some of them know what it is, but do not have references to choose the best MBA, where or at what cost.

MBA is the acronym in English for Master in Business Administration, in other words it is a training course for executives in the various disciplines of management, such as, marketing, finance and People Management. The rewards for the life and career of one who does an MBA are valid. And I can tell you that I have never met anyone who had repented of having done a MBA. The rewards for the career vary greatly from professional to professional, but an MBA degree opens doors to the life of any executive, in general.

An MBA abroad is even more special. Because you gain experience in another culture and make friends from all over the world. Actually, it is often described as the best year of that person’s life.

According to recent research with some of the best schools in the world, the number of Brazilians studying MBA grew more that 900% in the last 15 years.

But who should get an MBA is a professional who, regardless of the area, want to learn how to manage a company, (a multinational or own business). Or simply want to improve your skills and enlarge your network.

But there are some basics prerequisites: Experience of at least three years, fluency in English and Spanish, take a GMAT (most asked), especially for those who want to do an MBA outside of Brazil, and also to convince the school, through an interview and analysis of the resume that you are a great candidate.

Most interesting is that there are many “variations” of “MBA” where students can focus their studies in executive fields closest to their professional activities. Such as Master International Management, Master in Finance, Master of Law, etc., in addition are executives MBA (Part time) and MBA 100% online, such as The Master in Sports Management Online, offered by some of the best schools in the world.

The price varies according to the chosen course, with the school, the duration and quality of the course. For example, a two-year MBA in Marketing or Financial Management, held outside of Brazil, costs about USD 120 mil. This value decreases in Brazilian schools. And this process of decision and choice is long. The best way is to research what each school offers, compare them and see which one has the best program in accordance with the your needs. There are a variety of MBAs in Brazil and outside Brazil and is difficult to know which one is right for every professional. What I recommend for those who will do an MBA outside of Brazil is to check the rankings published in the press (Business Week and Financial Times, for example) and try to get into top schools.


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