Posted by: henriquesampaio | January 5, 2010

Can blogs help business?

Once, a friend of mine told me many things about how Blogging would help my personal development and how by blogging I would help others providing useful information.

So I start to search about this theme through the internet.

Here are some useful statistics as reported in, Blogging: The Best SEO Tool for Small Businesses.

Hub sport recently published a study on that showed companies that blog have far better marketing results. Those who blog see 55% more visitors to their website. In addition, they get 97% more links to their website which is a primary factor in determining search results. If you want a higher ranking, get quality links to your site. They also get 434% more indexed pages – this is the number of pages that show up in search engines. Simply because you have a web site doesn’t guarantee it is being indexed and is thus findable by search engines. If some of your pages are in search engines it does not mean all of your pages are there.

This is useful evidence that I have noticed from long time ago, Blogs get you on the front page of Google and other search engines if you do them right. As a friend of mine that works with Digital Marketing always says, “If you know how to use it well you can get the most of it and reach valuable treasure”.

The results above show how a blog can help a regular web site if they are connected in some way.  It helps to find the blog (by googling it, for example) and of course  have its own identity.



  1. Very useful information. I’ll be back soon!

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